Physical and Mental Training for the Future Military Elite

We are a team that is dedicated in preparing YOU to become a valuable member of the US Military. Our program takes young men and women that have a passion to physically and mentally excel as a Military Special Operator or those who choose to train as one. We offer daily aerobic and aquatic training designed to grow you into a strong "SFTA Tathlete."


South Florida Tactical Athletes, LLC (SFTA) has been a vision for Lieutenant Colonel Arnold T Stocker for many years. Stocker went into the military as a young teen and didn’t realize the tremendous opportunities that existed for young men and women that desired to become part of an elite group. He eventually learned about Special Operations and specifically the elite group of men in the US Army's Special Forces (Green Berets) and USAF Pararescue (PJ’s). These groups are regarded as the most elite force multiplier and rescue specialists in the world and Stocker trained to become part of these teams. These men are highly trained special operators with many capabilities and a unique missions: to save lives. These special teams require an enormous amount of mental and physical agility as they adapt, overcome, rescue and bring home people that had succumb to disastrous situations. Lt Col Stocker has endured many physical and mental challenges to rise to this unique position as a PJ and has always had a desire to give back to young men and women that want to become a part of the military. South Florida Tactical Athletes, LLC was founded by Lt Col Stocker in 2012 and is a program that prepares candidates for Special Operations Selection Courses, i.e. Air Force Pararescue, Combat Control, Tactical Air Control Party, Special Operations Weather Technician, and Survival Instructor; Navy SEAL, SWCC, and Divers; Marine Force Recon and MARSOC; Army Special Forces and Rangers, and Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers. South Florida Tactical Athletes primes you to “Expand Your Circle of Comfort” in preparation for your special operations selection course.


You’re on your way to a more fit, healthy, and strong you. Step into SFTA to expand your circle of comfort. Contact us now and start training today.

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Jumpstart Your preparation for SELECTION

Do You think you have what it takes to be a member of the US military? Check out some of our videos and then come out and show us your commitment.

Get Faster

Run Training

SFTA Run Training introduces Tathletes to the proper running and rucksack marching techniques.  An individual’s performance during any type of endurance event is directly related to their aerobic capacity…especially because “Special Ops is a running man’s game.” By building a solid running base in your aerobic zone, you are specifically training your aerobic system, thus maximizing the benefit of the training on your aerobic capacity, which will make you run faster. The best way to improve your speed and performance is by building a solid aerobic training base.

Get Smoother

Surface Swim Training

SFTA Swim Training is a critical component for anyone going into military diving or a water operations program. Our swim training will improve cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance, and more importantly your aquatic mindset. You will learn three important swim strokes and three other strokes with fins. Our instructors will tune up your stroke technique to make you smoother and faster.

Dive in with SFTA

Water Confidence Training

SFTA Water Confidence Training (WaterCon) is to prepare Tathletes for the intense water skills and rigorous demands found in the Pararescue Indoctrination course and BUD/S. Designed to address the water challenges that many individuals have by offering a level of comfort in the water as well as basic technique and physical conditioning. We also challenge our Tathletes to use their mental skills while in the water to overcome basic challenges that could occur in combat situations. Many of them come into our program with zero swimming and we teach the uncomfortable to become comfortable in the water.  SFTA also runs multiple level SCUBA certification courses for qualified Tathletes to introduce them to the undersea world of diving.




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