Equipment List Items For Success

The equipment list serves to provide our Tathletes with the required tools to improve your success for preparation for Special Operations selection courses. Most pieces on the list are very similar to what you will use in school and will assist you in your progressive training program.

  1. Black T-Shirt (SFTA Shirt - $20)

  2. Black Shorts

  3. Mask – a high volume*

  4. Fins – Rocket or Jet*

  5. Snorkel – hard, basic no frills* (*SFTA has a M,F & S w Booties for $190)

  6. Running Shoes

  7. Heart Rate Monitor (water proof) – ie: Polar, Garmin

  8. Rope 6 ft - ($5.00 each) *uses for knot practice

  9. Water Bottle 1 Gallon w screw top

  10. Three Ring Training Binder w Page Protectors - to document all of you goals, progress, setbacks & trainig.

  11. Foam Roller / Bar Roller

  12. Medium size towel

  13. Yoga mat

  14. Ruck Sack / Back Pack with waist strap

  15. Three 10 lb & two 5lb Pound Sand Bags (you can make these w Freezers Bags, Sand & Duct Tape)

  16. Combat Boots

  17. Wool or Poly Blend Socks

  18. Smart Phone App Downloads:

  • MapMyRun

  • Tabata Timer

  • HITT

  • Army PRT

  • KnotGuide

  • USAF Delayed Entry Program

**Come to initial session with the gear that you currently have.



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