Physical and Mental Training for the Future Military Elite

We are a team that is dedicated in preparing YOU to become a valuable member of the US Military. Our program takes young men and women that have a passion to physically and mentally excel as a Military Special Operator or those who choose to train as one. We offer daily aerobic and aquatic training designed to grow you into a strong "SFTA Tathlete."

Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can benefit from joining SFTA?

SFTA specializes in preparing men and women for Special Operations of all branches (USAF PJ, CCT, SOWT, TACP; Navy SEAL & Divers, Army SF & Rangers; USMC Recon & MARSOC and USCG Rescue Swimmer) along with those that just want to get in better shape.

What type of training equipment do you recommend?

See SFTA's Training Equipment List.

How is SFTA different from a regular trainer at the gym?

SFTA Instructors have 40 years of combined SOF experience along with fitness, nutrition, mindset and team work to give to you.

How many different memberships do you have?

We offer two different montly memberships. Our main membership is $125/month and allows you to train 4 times per week. Our second membership is $80/month and allows you to train 2 times per week. You can see these memberships and their benefits by going to our Plans & Pricing page.