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Physical and Mental Training for the Future Military Elite

We are a team that is dedicated in preparing YOU to become a valuable member of the US Military. Our program takes young men and women that have a passion to physically and mentally excel as a Military Special Operator or those who choose to train as one. We offer daily aerobic and aquatic training designed to grow you into a strong "SFTA Tathlete."

Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who can benefit from joining SFTA?
    SFTA specializes in preparing men and women for Special Operations of all branches (USAF PJ, CCT, SOWT, TACP; Navy SEAL & Divers, Army SF & Rangers; USMC Recon & MARSOC and USCG Rescue Swimmer) along with those that just want to get in better shape.
  • What type of training equipment do you recommend?
    See SFTA's Training Equipment List.
  • How is SFTA different from a regular trainer at the gym?
    SFTA Instructors have 40 years of combined SOF experience along with fitness, nutrition, mindset and team work to give to you.
  • How many different memberships do you have?
    We offer two different montly memberships. Our main membership is $125/month and allows you to train 4 times per week. Our second membership is $80/month and allows you to train 2 times per week. You can see these memberships and their benefits by going to our Plans & Pricing page.
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