South Florida Tactical Athletes, LLC has coined the term "Tathlete" to signify one of our Tactical Athlete members. Tathletes are individuals that have joined the SFTA Team. They learn how to train, move, operate and communicate as a team; thereby increasing the returns one can get as an individual.  Tathletes learn about sister services and each ones capabilities. Members come to SFTA to join the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard's elite units. 


These special teams require an enormous amount of mental and physical agility as they adapt, overcome, rescue and bring home people that had succumb to disastrous situations. Colonel Stocker has endured many physical and mental challenges to rise to this unique position as a PJ and has always had a desire to give back to young men and women that want to become a part of this unit in the military. South Florida Tactical Athletes was founded by Lt Col Stocker in 2012 and is a program that prepares candidates for Special Operations Selection Courses, i.e. Air Force Pararescue, Combat Control, Tactical Air Control Party, Special Operations Weather Technician, and Survival; Navy SEAL, SWCC, and Divers; Marine Force Recon and MARSOC; Army Special Forces and Rangers, and Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers. South Florida Tactical Athletes primes you to “Expand Your Circle of Comfort” in preparation for your special operations selection course.

Instructor Cole, USMC Recon/SRT-TACMED

Cole a Former 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion communicator has an extensive 26 year local and federal law enforcement career. He has served on Emergency Response Teams as an operator and tactical medic. Cole is a 3x World and 3x Pan American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion. He has trained with and trained a broad spectrum of operators in the military and law enforcement special operations communities in an array of tactics to include hand to hand combat, edged weapons, Close Quarters Combat (CQC), undercover operations, and combat wound care. He has a passion for working with Veterans past and present and serves as a mentor in several veteran organizations that help returning Veterans readjust to civilian life. Cole currently sponsors a 100% free program that teaches Veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and their families Jiu Jitsu as a form of therapy. The knowledge, expertise and years of experience Kini brings to SFTA is a tremendous asset to anyone joining as a Tathlete.

Instructor Stocker, USAF

Stocker, SFTA’s Founder, is a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) and Paramedic with over 20 years of patient care and teaching experience. During much of that time he has served as an Army Special Forces Medical Sergeant with the 20th Special Forces Group, Maryland National Guard and also as an Air Force Reserves Pararescueman at the 301st Rescue Squadron. He has experience with both the special operations and conventional rescue operations during his worldwide deployments. A graduate of the Army’s Master Fitness Trainer Course and the USMC’s High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) Course, Stocker has been actively training individuals and teams for military and the civilian sector for years to “Expand Your Circle of Comfort!” He seeks to expand his vision to make SFTA the premier SOF prep program in all of Florida.

Instructor Thrift, USCG

 Petty officer Thrift is an Aviation Survival technician in the United States Coast guard, otherwise known as Rescue Swimmer. He is currently an active duty member stationed at AIRSTA Miami with 5 years military experience and 3 years as a rescue swimmer. Along with the physical and mental training knowledge that comes with going through the rigorous USCG rescue swimmer school he holds an EMT basic certification. Petty officer Thrift has attended Advanced Helicopter Rescue School on the west coast and has been trained to rescue survivors from cliff/caves as well as waves exceeding 30ft in high surf. This training makes rescue swimmers highly proficient in water confidence drills as you will have someone else’s life in your hands as well as keeping yourself alive in such extreme hurricane like conditions. Instructor Thrift has a passion for helping and mentoring future military members by giving back and being part of what he considers a very special opportunity program (SFTA) not offered as a daily training regime found anywhere else. Leading by example his goal is to educate future military members wherever there career may take them. SO OTHERS MAY LIVE.

Instructor O’Brien, USMC

MARINES Special Operations Command (MARSOC) 2d Force Reconnaissance Company (2dRECONCo) Fleet Marine Force Atlantic (FMFLANT) II Marines Expeditionary Forces (II-MEF) serving, surviving, and sacrificing for the “Greater Good”. O’Brien brings leadership, motivation, and enthusiasm to organizations and programs worldwide. Providing various courses in SCUBA, survival, medical, tactical, physical fitness, etc. Serving our community as an ambassador for the disabled non-profit programs, he gives valuable caregiver assistance to our returning Wounded Warrior Veterans. Business owner of Aquanauts SCUBA Academy, his charitable sponsorship continues to provide much desired logistics to any organization. A valued member of our SFTA Tathlete Instructors!

Instructor Mahoney, USAF (Retired)

Mahoney brings over 20 years of service as an Air Force Pararescueman operating around the globe and supporting combat rescue and NASA Space Shuttle missions. Acclaimed by Air Force inspectors for his in-depth analysis of PJ/CCT attrition causes and proposed fixes. Selected by Group Commander as mentor coach and role model for future PJ and CCT candidates. He has a solid background working as the Standardization and Evaluation (StanEval) Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) at the Pararescue Indoctrination Course in San Antonio, Texas. He is a graduate of the Army’s six week Master Fitness Trainer Course (MFTC). He was also a USAF Pararescue/Combat Control Indoctrination Course "INDOC" Director of Training. He brings the above standards to SFTA as he trains and educates our Tathletes to prepare for U.S. Special Operations careers. Mahoney is the linchpin of SFTA and the USAF.

Linda Hopson, Business Development/Social Media Strategist

Linda has over 25+ years of corporate, entrepreneurial and life   experience. She is a coach, social media strategist, water hydration specialist, certified nutritionist and has a wealth of knowledge in Information Technology. She has successfully started, managed and sold two businesses and ensures that South Florida Tactical Athletes follows best practices in regards to education, training, business development and social engagement. 



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