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"SFTA, Thanks for all the support. It's been a long journey. The training you guys are getting from the Colonel lays a great foundation to being successful in the pipeline. Don't take the training you get there for granted. A lot of guys I've run into and trained with do not get anything close to the training SFTA is putting out. It gives you a big leg up for INDOC. Thanks Colonel!"

 - ML, USAF Pararescue Grad

“SFTA helped me gain more endurance and physical strength through knowledge of how to work out properly, how to keep my heart rate in the correct range with thorough but tough, manageable workouts. My expectations were blown out of the water.”


- Wagner, SERE Candidate

“SFTA was a huge success for me personally and throughout my time I was respected and trained by the best of the best. Money was not the issue because I trusted the company and trainers. It was money well spent.”


- Casey J

“SFTA really does work! I beat my last mile and a half time by 43 seconds! Thank you guys for everything!

- Kris M

“I trained for 5 months before basic training. The SFTA training sessions allowed for hidden weaknesses to surface, thus giving me the opportunity for strengthening them and improving overall fitness and situational awareness. A great investment in myself.”


- Fernandez, USAF SOWT Candidate

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